Aruba Instant On

Aruba Instant on

Invest for today and tomorrow  –  You deserve a Wi-Fi network that works as hard as you do, one that’s as easy to set up and manage as it is to use and enjoy. Meet Aruba Instant On.

Syscom is an authorized partner of Aruba Networks, the leader in enterprise networking and security technologies and products in London, UK, Africa, Middle-east, and MENA locations.  Syscom analyse your business needs and your space, both indoors and out. We’ll put together the right setup that’ll give you great coverage and blazing-fast speeds.

Aruba Instant On security is easy to manage and automatically included at no extra charge. Set up separate networks for business traffic and guest use. You can apply bandwidth rates, set data usage per app, limit duration of use, and even block certain websites or applications altogether.

Setting up your network initially, or adding to it, takes just a few clicks—and a few minutes—with step-by-step guidance from the Aruba Instant On App. Aruba Instant On access points send out your Wi-Fi signal and work together to create your network. Adding more access points extends and strengthens your Wi-Fi coverage area and increases the number of devices your network can handle. With the Aruba Instant On App, you can manage up to 25 access points. You can also extend wired connections to surveillance cameras, VolP, POS systems. Your Instant On network automatically detects an Instant On switch and adds it to the network.

Are you a small business?

Small businesses come in many flavors. To best meet your business Wi-Fi needs, Aruba offers five Aruba Instant On access points (APs) to satisfy a variety of the ways and places Wi-Fi is used. The trick is to decide which model to use and when.

Aruba Instant On APs are intended for smaller businesses and locations that range from 1 to 99 users. It doesn’t matter what type of business or site.

Here are some environments Aruba Instant On will likely fit quite well:

Cafe and Restaurants

A per recent survey, 75% of people think that Wi-Fi is the second (right after coffee) most important attribute of a good cafe. 

Whether you own a small Cafe or a restaurant, Wi-Fi plays such a critical role today. Aruba Instant On Access Points (APs) are easy to deploy and manage – at an attractive price point. Everything from mounting hardware to easy-to-use web and mobile app management tools, and business-grade software features are included – no extra charge or need for external controllers.

Syscom WIFI solutions are tailored to meet needs of Café and restaurants. Also, we help your guests to use internet in a secure manner with Aruba Instant ON.

For Café, restaurants and retailers, network connectivity and security are critical for operations. Providing fluid Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems for curbside pick-up, payroll, inventory control, and guest access is a must for growing businesses. With Aruba Instant On AP11 and AP22, small business owners get a cost-effective, easy-to-manage, high-speed Wi-Fi solution that’s built to support the mobile, IoT, and security demands of today’s busy commercial environment.

  • Simplicity at its best  -Performance that keeps your customers happy.
  • Security you can count on -Future ready WAP2/WAP3 authentication for secure Wi-Fi access.
  • We’ve got your covered –Industry leading warranty with no license fee.


Teaching and learning from home, is where many educational institutions are today.

Many institutions are now planning to return at least some portion, if not all of the student populations back on campus. As we begin to move into phase three, will be a hybrid environment which envisions a completely new approach to institutional instruction, management, facilities, and connectivity. The challenges face by them are connectivity, management, and security.

Aruba’s instant ON solutions are designed to work in every school or university environment—from small and dispersed rural school districts to large-scale international universities with remote campuses.

Aruba Instant ON helps you to extend the network coverage beyond the classrooms and that is how it provides students, teachers, and staff with simple and secure access to the wireless network


Aruba instanton solutions are the network foundation for every step of your educational journey.

  • Ensuring Faculty, Staff, and Student Wellness and Safety
  • A Long-term Blended Approach for Schools and Universities
  • Secure Connectivity Takes Centre Stage


Villa Wi-Fi is important to stay connected whilst on holiday, whether it’s for researching the local area, making your dinner reservations or making your friends back home jealous with all your holiday snaps! That’s why the vast majority of villas include Wi-Fi.

If you are thinking to build Villas or renovating, think of tomorrow’s comforts. Choose for the network that anticipates the future.

Aruba Instant On serve as the primary Wi-Fi router to your network. Just connect your access point to your modem and you’re all set and gives you the visibility into your villa connected devices. It gives you the option to block specific, unwanted clients from accessing villa’s network.

  • Extend your Wi-Fi network across parking lots and enable curb side service, delivery & pickup.
  • Enable more connected devices by reducing latency and power consumption.
  • Get 100% guarantee for a reliable Wi-Fi network with Aruba Instant On.


A long stay at an in-patient hospital can take its toll on a patient’s mental health and slow the recovery process. They say that laughter is the best medicine—and there is evidence to prove it.

Hospitals that offer services that replicate the comfort of a patient’s home witness a spike in satisfaction rates. 

Aruba gives best network for the larger healthcare clinic with business, medical and patient Wi-Fi access. Over 50% of the devices are Wi-Fi-enabled, such as printers, cameras and medical equipment.

Aruba’s Instant On AP15 provides very robust performance for indoor locations with groups of 75 or so Wi-Fi users with high intensity networking needs. Device densities of up to 100 simultaneous devices at a time are supported. 

Professional Offices

Professional offices come in all shapes and sizes. Aruba Instant On has right-sized solutions for a range of small office environments.

High performance laptops, data intensive business applications, and interactive voice and video collaboration tools need a wireless network that can handle it all.

The Aruba Instant On AP15 and AP22 access points and Instant On 1930 24- or 48-port switches are designed to address the demands of professional offices so that guests stay connected and employees stay productive.

Wired and wireless connectivity plays a critical role in today’s world. Despite large office don’t afford costly downtime, a damaging data breach or reduced customer loyalty. Aruba’s mission with Instant On has been to give small businesses the tools and technology to deliver exceptional wireless experiences to their customers and improved efficiencies to their employees through world-class connectivity solutions.

With Instant On, small offices now have the simplicity, security and intelligence they need to compete and win in today’s dynamic IT environment.


Guest satisfaction and loyalty are top priorities for hospitality industry. Achieving those goals includes delivering a strong, consistent Wi-Fi experience. 

Whether it’s a small B&B or the hottest boutique hotel in town, fast, secure, and reliable network access is the key to delivering an exceptional experience to guests and employees.

Consider the number of smartphones, tablets, and laptops that are used by guests who check-in to your hotel each day. Whether on vacation or on business, hotel guests expect to connect, stream, watch, download, work, and play without complication and without limit. To meet that high-speed Wi-Fi demand, hotels are turning to Aruba Instant on.

The Aruba Instant on AP11D, AP12, AP22 and AP17 are great for spaces that require seamless indoor and outdoor access and coverage that provides a smooth in-room Wi-Fi experience.

  • Win Hospitality Market with smart Wi-Fi to the guest.
  • Add a Customized Portal for Hotel Guests.
  • Turn a 1 Star Review Into a 5 Star Review.