Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Our solution enables you to enroll devices in your enterprise environment quickly, configure and update device.

Employees today prefer to carry out most of the business communication and transactions through their personal smartphones, tablets and laptops to suit the mobile nature of their jobs due to client and company visits. With this trend growing exponentially, companies are in search of safest security policies and measures. Enabling the secure mobility technique will encourage broad use of mobile computing in businesses.

Secure Mobility enables businesses to put into effect their company data governance policies at the user level. This assists each user in understanding which data should be classified as sensitive. Appropriate measures can be taken so that your sensitive data cannot be maliciously or mistakenly leaked.

Syscom, with the best and effective secure mobility solutions, guarantees that your organization’s mobility management meets today’s security needs.

As the most valuable sensitive data needs to be accessible to the mission critical workforce, round the clock online, as well as offline, the portability is extremely crucial. Hence the secure information sharing may not be completed without the ability for trusted users to securely transport data and their entire workspace environment. The best way to share your sensitive data is by classifying the data, secure the information to be shared, transfer and move them through encrypted and biometric USB’s.

Key Benefits
Immediately boost the productivity of the mobile users
Reduce the network maintenance and communication costs
Improvement in the overall organizational responsiveness
Well supports the overall unified communications program

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