Data Fabric Solutions

Data Fabric Solutions

The term "Data Fabric" refers to a unified data management architecture and a collection of features that enable end-to-end data management by connecting data endpoints in a uniform manner.
Data fabric is appropriate for those enterprises that are geographically diverse with many data sources, and complicated data concerns. It helps organizations integrate data from various sources, store large amounts of data, and analyze it seamlessly. Connecting diverse infrastructure endpoints to a consolidated and uniform data management framework is made much simpler with Data Fabric.

Data fabric is intended to assist organizations in managing their data in order to solve complicated data problems and use cases, regardless of the numerous types of applications, platforms, or places where the data is kept. In a distributed data environment, data fabric provides frictionless access and data sharing, thereby making it accessible to users who need it.

According to Gartner, the following components are mandatory for a data fabric:

Why Use a Data Fabric?

As the Data is growing exponentially, so is the challenges. Data nowadays faces a variety of challenges, including different data types with structured and unstructured data maintained on various file systems, databases, and SaaS apps, located in multiple on-premises and cloud locations. Thus, businesses need to have a holistic approach to secure, efficient, unified environment, and future-proof data solution in order to thrive. A data fabric provides this.

Data Fabric is an agile model that allows for system modifications, adjusts and adapts as needed, and works with all operating and storage systems. Provides maximum integrity and regulatory compliance while maintaining accessibility and real-time information flow. It is scalable with minimal disruption, with no need for expensive hardware or highly trained staff.

A data fabric helps to:
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