IP Security and Surveillance Providers in UK , London

IP Security and Surveillance Providers in UK , London

Safety is vital and surveillance technology required to achieve this is becoming increasingly challenging and complex. Smart enterprises, today, do not require obsolete, analog surveillance systems but new, dynamic automated approaches that provide strong safety and high business value from day one.

Syscom aims to provide world-class surveillance solutions with Digifort support, that can address the security concerns of small, medium and large enterprises. Being an established solution provider catering to a wide range of customers, we understand the unique needs of different industries. Distinct from offering generic solutions, Syscom emphasizes on providing industry-specific solutions to its customers. Whether you manage 1000+ locations or one, our effective Centralized IP Video Surveillance system can capture and document security events from endless locations.

Syscom- Digifort Authorized Distributor

 Digifort specializes in video surveillance software and video monitoring intelligence.  Digifort products are carefully designed to offer the highest quality video monitoring and management software, exceeding market standards and expectations, while providing tailor-made features for a wide range of applications.

A wide array of Network Video Surveillance solutions specifically engineered for large organizations of all sectors.

Digifort Solutions

VMS Solutions

License Plate Recognition [LPR]

Digifort InSight

Whether you have a small cafe shop with a few cameras, or an airport with +1,000, Digifort have a solution for you. With its product range you can choose the exact solution your business needs now. You can easily upgrade, if trend changes. Build your surveillance system with Digifort.

The Digifort LPR can be used on highways, streets, parking lots, shopping malls, businesses, or anywhere that requires identification of the automobile license plate. Now, in real-time, users can receive a vehicle’s plate number, make, model, color, and direction of travel. 

Digifort insight allows the visualization in the Monitoring Client of Digifort as well as of all the monitors of the workstation in which it is installed, being able to display a set of screens in the grid interface, simulating a Video Wall, among several other solutions. 

Advanced Video Analysis

Mobile Camera application

Forensic Analytics

Digifort advance analysis software allow the monitoring to be more efficient and intelligent, helping the operators to obtain a greater ability to process claims and the detection of events. Developed for continuous operation, without the need for the operator’s constant attention. It generates statistical reports and graphs for all events in the system.

Digifort Mobile Camera application turns your smartphone or tablet (Android / IOs) into a mobile camera natively integrated into the video management system, allowing real-time streaming of images directly to a monitoring centre.  it allows recording of images where it is not possible to install Cameras.

Digifort has highly innovative and technological solution for reviewing movie hours recorded at a few moments that provide a summary of all non-playing events, allowing you to quickly find a desired event through color filters, object size, speed, direction and others. This new module offers innovative features for video forensics and electronic surveillance projects.

Syscom offers Enhanced IP Camera Video Surveillance Solutions

In security surveillance industry, the IP network plays an important role in the performance of the video monitoring and capture quality by providing the connectivity, network bandwidth, security and bandwidth optimization for good quality video traffic transmission. Most of the companies face challenges while designing IP surveillance environments, as they need consider how many networking devices (IP cameras, switches and computers) are required, what resilience is needed and what type of transmission will be used. Syscom helps you tackle all of these challenges by providing End – to- End Solution .

Syscom provides everything you need to create a complete surveillance and security system. We are leading IP Security and surveillance provider, that sells complete IP security solutions at the very best prices across the gulf regions.

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