Seceon Cyber Security Solution

Seceon Cyber Security Solution

aiSIEM™ + aiXDR™

As you think about how to secure your digital assets, business processes and data, here are some challenges you are likely to face

Seceon aiXDR Solution


Seceon aiXDR Solution Brief – A complete effective guide to answering all questions that can be considered for a comprehensive cybersecurity solution.

Leveraging the power of cyber security company Seceon's cutting-edge technologies, disruptive analytics, and real-time processing, you can leave your problems behind.

Cyber Security With aiSIEM and aiXDR

Seceon aiSIEM, combined with aiXDR, is a comprehensive cybersecurity management platform that visualizes ransomware detections, detects and eliminates threats in real-time, with continuous security posture improvement, compliance monitoring and reporting, and policy management.

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All-In-One solutions with built-in troubleshooting

Operational Fluidity

Drastically reduced real-time average identification and response with fewer analysts

Comprehensive Visibility

Visibility across servers, endpoints, networks and clouds spanning IT, LoT and OT

Price with scales

Scalable solutions with security and budget requirements of SMBs and large companies

Threat Detection Accuracy

Improved threat detection accuracy with dynamic threat models and threat intelligence

Built-in automation

Automated threat detection through ML-based behavior analysis and AI-based decisions

Cyber ​​attacks and insider activity are rampant across all industries, but there's a nimble, effective, and easy-to-use solution that intelligently and silently protects your digital assets

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