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Splunk is a leading software company with headquarters in California. Splunk has been recognized as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for SIEM by Gartner in the year 2021. They are leading providers of SIEM and SOAR solutions.

SIEM has become a key in modern-day Security Operation Centre’s (SOCs) for security and compliance management, use cases offering advanced User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA).

Splunk ensures system resilience and security through innovation without compromising the security which keeps them a strong player in the market.

What makes Splunk different from its competitors?

  • Flexible and scalable data platform
  • Unified security and built-in solutions for integrated observability
  • End to end data coverage – including multi cloud, hybrid and edge.
  • World leading investigation with proprietary schema-on-read technology
  • Build in automation and orchestration enhanced with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Security solutions offered by Splunk:

Splunk Enterprise Security
Splunk’s enterprise security involves data driven insights for wider visibility and rapid detection of threats. The full breadth visibility across your enterprise network helps to breakdown data to take actions rapidly. This also ensures instant threat detection and provide high fidelity alerts.

Splunk SOAR
By automating manual tasks, the security team can focus on critical objectives, increase efficiency and productivity, it also contributes to lowering the mean time to respond promptly. Thereby the end-to-end security operations are made easy.

Splunk Intelligence Management
The key principles of Splunk intelligence management are, they are data centric, cloud native, community driven, and API first. This also reduces the mean time in detecting and responding to threats.

Splunk Security Essentials
Mostly used by financial services, public sector and health care, the security essentials strengthen the security operations with built in detections and data recommendations. The analytics advisor dashboard gives insight on the coverage and help identify the gaps in your defences.

Splunk Mission Control
The Splunk mission control is designed to unify the security operations in cloud. This enables the team to manage the entire security infrastructure from a single platform.

Splunk User Behaviour Analytics
The User Behaviour Analytics detects unknown threats or anomalies using machine learning. This ensures advanced threat detection, higher productivity and accelerate threat hunting.

Use Cases

Advanced threat detection
Application modernisation
Cloud migration
Incident investigation and forensics
Insider threat detection
IT modernization
SoC automation and orchestration
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