Benfits of SIEM Solution

Security Information and Event management (SIEM) solutions help the management to identify the threats and anomalies much before they disrupt business operations. It combines Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM) to provide next generation threat detection and response.

SIEM solutions have a wide range of benefits to offer for the enterprises including streamlining the workflows.

Here is a list of top 7 benefits of deploying SIEM solutions in your business.

1. Advanced threat detection

The real-time threat detection by SIEM ensures that the business is protected from threats and the security team can do the needful and respond in real time without any delays. This reduces the lead time required to identify potential threats in the network

2. AI-driven automation

The next-gen SIEM combines the power of Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities saving the time of security team and help them focus on key areas of importance. With machine learning technology it can automatically adapt to the network behaviour and detect anomalies over the network. SIEM can handle complex threat detection and incident response in low time.

3. Increased efficiency

SIEM enhances the inter-department efficiency. SIEM provides a unified view of the entire system data, thus giving an improved visibility of IT environment. The team can efficiently communicate and coordinate within the SOAR integrated system while responding to security incidents.

4. Detect unknown threats

Organisations need to deploy solutions which can mitigate known and unknown threats over the network. With SIEM cybersecurity solutions, all such threats across the network are identified with the power of AI – artificial intelligence.
Some of the major security threats/ breaches that can be identified include:

  • Insider Threats
  • DDoS Attack
  • Data Exfiltration
  • SQL Injections
  • Phishing Attacks

5. Enable forensic investigation

SIEM paves the way for digital forensic investigation when a security breach occurs. SIEM provides the security team with all the data required for analytics of the security incident occurred. It gives all the log data from across the digital places to be collected and analysed in one place. This will ensure that the security team can find the loopholes by recreating the incidents and then implement higher security practices.

6. Monitor users and applications

SIEM allows the organisation to track all the activities over the network, users and applications. With the rise in IoT devices, remote workforce and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, the risk of external intrusions has also increased. SIEM offers transparency across the network and detect threats irrespective of where it’s been accessed.

7. Compliance Reporting

SEIM simplifies the process of compliance reporting by collecting and organising the log data into a centralised place. Every business has some compliance policies, abiding to them and ensuring that they are being followed is a time-consuming process, yet this complex task is simplified with SIEM.
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