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Network Detection and Response (NDR)​

Network detection and response (NDR) solutions are designed with Machine Learning and Data Analytics to detect cyber-attacks on corporate networks. These continuously analyze network traffic that crosses the enterprises, and then use these models to identify anomalous or suspicious traffic patterns.


To detect suspicious network activity, NDR systems employ a combination of non-signature-based sophisticated analytical approaches such as machine learning. This allows teams to respond to unusual or malicious traffic and threats that are missed by other security technologies. In addition to raising alarms, NDR solutions should have incident response features. This might include things like automatically updating firewall rules to prevent suspicious traffic or offering incident investigation and threat hunting features.

Need of an NDR solution?

Networks are expanding into the cloud, and their size and complexity are increasing over time. This has resulted in an unprecedented amount of data crossing the dispersed network, providing an ideal hiding place for malicious actors. NDR solutions address this issue by gathering data from network devices and using analytical techniques such as machine learning to spot risks that other tools overlook.

To safeguard the organization from cyber-attacks, deep network visibility and sophisticated threat prevention and detection capabilities are required. Traditional signature-based detection systems are frequently unsuccessful against current threats, leading to a false sense of security inside the business. NDR solutions give enterprises with an extra layer of network-level security and threat prevention capabilities.

NDR solutions generate a baseline of normal network behavior by continuously monitoring and analyzing raw enterprise network traffic. NDR tools alert security teams to the possible presence of threats in their environment, when they detect suspicious network traffic patterns vary from this baseline.

Enhance your security with NDR

Traditional network security solutions are often detection-oriented and rely on signature-based detection. Both of these are flaws in the enterprise’s defense against modern cyber-attacks.
A security solution that focuses on detection seeks to identify a potential threat and then relies on a security analyst to perform incident response based on a generated alert. This implies that incident response takes place only after the attack has been effective, and fast-moving and automated cyberattacks may have already achieved their goal by the time an alarm is received and a reaction is initiated. Instead of responding after the fact, an NDR solution will have automatic reaction capabilities that allow it to prevent an attack before any harm is done.

How Does NDR Work?

NDR solutions should be able to monitor traffic flows with strategically placed sensors. This provides deep network visibility which supports an NDR solution’s other features, including:


Works with firewalls and other security solutions to block suspicious traffic from reaching its destination, thereby disrupting the attack.


Monitor network traffic and extract patterns that can point to suspicious connections. This is then provided to Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts to facilitate their incident investigation activities.


Detect potential threats within network traffic and may be shared with other security solutions as part of a converged security architecture.


Detect patterns and identify anomalies in network traffic, allowing detection of suspicious or malicious traffic.


Create a feed of security alerts indicating suspicious and potentially malicious network traffic.

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