Network Threat Analysis

Detect anomalous traffic on your network and get early detection warnings

Network Threat Analysis is a vertical of cybersecurity which monitors the network traffic communications to identify potential threats and discover patterns in the network communications. It uses machine learning and behavioural analytics to keep track of normal traffic to the network and promptly identify and report any abnormal traffic or anomaly.

In today’s increasing cyber threats, NTA is a powerful tool for organizations to help them secure from potential threats emerging from networks and helps to avoid costly damages.

Since the normal behaviour of network traffic is tracked, any abnormal patterns or traffic incoming is identified at an early stage and an alert is given to the security team to take rapid actions.

Features of NTA solutions

Why do organizations need NTA?

Reduces the time of threat detection
Organizations have more sensitive data than individuals which are vital and thus the chances of cyber-attacks are high. Thus to protect such important data deploying NTA is required. Any unknown or anomaly traffic is identified at the earliest stage by NTA which ensures high security over the network and its communications. The earlier a threat detected, less is the damage caused.

Ensuring strong integrations
NTA is an extremely useful tool for security operations team to get insights on all managed and unmanaged devices, entities people and take necessary actions for any risk arising. It can also identify the source of threat, its target and where the threat was spread over.

Ability to monitor IoT devices/traffic
NTA allows the security operations team to keep record of IoT devices used. Its important to monitor them because such devices generate telemetry, thus the risks of threats are high.

Increases efficiency
NTA automates threat detection and no dedicated manpower is required to regularly monitor a network. The auto detection software itself keeps an eye on the network and prevents potential vulnerabilities.

They provide wide coverage
NTA solutions can monitor the network traffic across various devices and workstations ensuring a wide coverage.

Why NTA is important?

Relying on firewall log alone can be troublesome when a network is under attack. There are chances of loss of vital forensic information, removed or overwritten by hackers. While under attack, the firewall log can be inaccessible due to resource load resulting in the same. Whereas NTA provides a wider visibility to the network, beyond endpoints and ensures early detection of cyber threats.

Some of the uses of having NTA being implemented in your organizations include:

  • Monitoring real time user activities and dashboards of networks
  • Timely detection of ransomware activity
  • Keeping track of past and real-time data over your network
  • Identify any unusual or suspicious activity at the earlier stage
  • Get security alerts for anomalous detections.
  • For improving internal visibility
  • Troubleshoot security issues
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